Sunday, May 29, 2016

I am 10 hours shy of heading up to girls camp.  This last week has been filled with end of school activities and preparations for summer.  I have a handful of stories to write a small book from the past week.

With that being said....I keep reminiscing and day dreaming of my trip to California last weekend to see Billy, Abby and new baby William.

My trip to California last week was one of the most memorable trips I have ever had.  It was sweet, and tender in all good ways.    

My heart has been tender all week reminiscing and re-living the simple moments we spent that meant so much.  Life is really put into perspective with the birth of a new baby!  

I fell in love with the area that Billy and Abby live in.  Their house is so charming and the vegetation amazing......opposite from where I live in the dessert! 

Beautiful roses bushes line their entire house. ......dreamy!

I loved all the details of their charming new "HOME"!  

The baby nursery has the most perfect NATURAL light....and sunny days are a plenty down there.   

This vintage blue and white tile.......ahhhh!  

I had almost forgotten how tiny newborn babies and diapers are!  

Baby William has the most loving parents, and my heart is always tender towards them ALL!  

Great memories, and now off to new adventures with summer in full force around here!

Mike's Mom is flying down to watch the kids for the week and they couldn't be more thrilled to have me leave!:)

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