Friday, June 24, 2016

A recap of the week.  A hodgemapodge of randomness and photos.  

It has been so extremely hot, indoor activities have been the venue of necessity.  Excluding of course swimming which we do at least twice a day.

The week started out with hosting a small lunch here at my house.  Bringing the party inside with a friend who just had a birthday not too long ago.  My friend a decorator extraordinaire showed up with these little arrangements for each of us to take keep.  They were from one of her install/photo days.  It completely made my DAY!  


My favorite coffee table book as of late is The Modern Mix by Eddie Ross!

I have been slowly collecting design books for my library (which I currently really don't have).  

I have been on a sewing kick.  Some patriotic clutches are my latest sew choice!  I have a love/hate with sewing.  It actually doesn't come really naturally for me so when I get a project figured out it is exciting for me!  

If I could wear a dress every day....I would.  I LOVE dresses.  The above are some of my favorites actually long enough for a women 6'0.  

I am re-loving old pillows I splurged on 4 years ago.  They were in my family room and just moved to my bedroom. 
Schumacher fabric is definitely my top choice of household fabrics!  

I have been trying to be a diligent summer Mom and took my kids on a field trip to the Butterfly museum in Phoenix.  I was pleasantly surprised how much we all loved it. 

 A big atrium filled with butterflies was beautiful and tropical and felt like a great getaway field trip day!

For some reason the butterflies loved me.  My kids kept laughing at me flocked by butterflies.  It must have been the tropical skirt I was wearing:)  

 Palms everywhere it seems including the atrium and how I love them!

So in a nutshell.....

A whole lot of random tid bits going on around here this past week trying to relish the summer freedom and stay clear from getting heat stroke!  

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