Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life is full of changes.  Constantly!  Just when you think you have some things figured out inevitably life throws you something different, new, and always challenging.  An understatement....but necessary to document.  It is during times of change that growth comes.   I am writing this I can internalize this concept.  I know it logically but constantly am humbled by life events and circumstances. Faith is my key word in my current life dictionary.  Thank goodness for FAITH!   

With that being written....I can move on to lighter parts of documenting.    Last weekend we had great friends come visit for the BYU vs. Arizona football game.  Our longest standing couple friends came to visit.  Toby was Mike's college roomate.   Josie was/is the perfect match for Toby.  As couples we dated, got engaged, and got married within months of each other.    We love the Christensen's and it was so great to spend time with them this past weekend.  

Toby brought down T-shirts for the family.....what a treat!  

We also got to see cute Tommy my nephew who drove down from BYU from the game.  What a STUD!  We LOVE HIM!

We had the best time with catching up with old and new friends this weekend.  

I love these darling friends of mine.  They are kind, loyal, and wonderful.

Onto a fashion note...
I have worn this shirt pictured above every day for the past week.  I do that it seems.  I find about two outfits and wear them like crazy for about two months straight.   If I am not wearing this shirt I am wearing this outfit

these days!  An embarrassing selfie and yes ....straight from the JCREW catalogue.  

JCREW is brilliant with their marketing.  This cover made me want to buy the fall line.   It is my coffee table favorite read right now.   I just settled on purchasing a couple of things.... but wow!

This outfit....

And this outfit....

And this coat...and ALL those purses.  Love it all!

I LOVE this time of year.  There is an energy surrounding the fall that is felt everywhere. The weather has cooled just a hint....and fall is even surprisingly felt here in Arizona.  

The kids have been keeping me busy, but also in line....

Catherine taking over my motherhood duties reading daily to Sammy as part of her "homework".  Thank goodness for her homework.....and her slightly lets just say (intense) nature and diligence. 
She is taking dance and loves it!  She is the oldest in her class and loves being the big cheese.

I love these kids and I am loving life with them in school and activities daily running.    

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