Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some things are just better not planned.  At least in my own experience especially in the realm of motherhood.  At the last minute my kids and I decided to make ginger bread houses.  It wasn't planned.  I happened to a throw a ginger bread kit in my cart while grocery shopping this afternoon.  

I didn't have the expectations of things going a certain way, kids not fighting,  just the right candy, a picked up house prior, and my list of things done before we started our perfect "Christmas activity".  The reality of my life is chaotic in many respects right now.  The truth is the truth ..... last minute Christmas activities just work this year.  

Being a diligent mother is difficult.  Many contradictions at hand.  You are expected to be diligent, hard working, empathetic, patient....and the list goes on and on. However being diligent and getting things done is almost impossible while being patient and long suffering.  At least for me.  I may be alone, but I kind of don't think so.  Often the times when I am most happy with my kids are the times that I throw diligence to the wind and just go with the flow.  When expectations are low events often exceed in the field of motherhood.  

Our gingerbread house experience this year was just perfect.  Perfect because we threw schedules and perfection and messes to the wind.  We made messes, my kids did fight, dinner was really not served, and things were left undone.  However, it was a happy moment and memory that I will always cherish.  December 7th 2016 eve was one for the books.  

Sam was proud as could be and gleaming with his creation at hand.  He had lots of help from his brother and sisters.  He was surely PROUD of HIS house!

The light was just right pouring into my house this I had to take a picture of my favorite antler wreath I bought at world market!  

 Tis the season!!!

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