Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three months ago our family made a decision.  Actually Mike and I made a family decision.  We got rid of tablets and all small hand held devices for our kids.  It was kind of a difficult transition for some more than others.   Especially Alyssa as most of her friends not only have tablets but also phones.  

However, without a doubt it has been the BEST decision for our family that we have ever made.  The result.....more time spent with each other (sibling time), and more time just doing other things.  More crafts, more book reading, more just "being" time.  Events happen in our life for a reason, and we often come to decisions because we are moved to do so because of impressions.  I am certain this particular intuition was meant to be.  

Alyssa in particular has finally grasped the idea of reading!  She started with a series that she loved and a passion for reading has erupted over the past 3 months.  She has read 18 books since we got rid of hand held devices!   18 books and counting........

Amazing how when one door closes with technology.....another one opens.  

On a side note, while Alyssa is busy reading Cath was hosting a swim party today.  Don't let the 75 degrees fool you.....the water is FREEZING!

My handsome Sam getting in on the sun action. 

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