Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When Billy and Abby come to town......with baby William!

Baby William came to town.  He could not be more adorable and more loved by his parents and extended family.  He is the equivalent to a celebrity in this household.  My kids were enamored beyond....as was I.  What  a sweet sweet boy with amazing parents.  It is humbling to know that we are stewards over such strong valiant souls as parents.  It is no small task to raise children but I am grateful to be part of the journey and surely love watching my brother start his family.  

It is amazing to be a sister and an Aunt to incredible people.  I am one of this little guys biggest cheerleaders, as I feel like I am to all of my nieces and nephews.  I just felt lucky and blessed this past weekend to be part of this little guys story as well as his Mom and Dad.

We are all in this together.....the good the bad....and those....
darling little cheeks and big blue eyes!

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