Monday, February 27, 2017

Mikey has a new found discovery this year.  It is as if something just clicked and he decided his new found passion is basketball.  He has always loved football, but since about 2 months ago when basketball season started he has hardly stopped talking or thinking about basketball.  His favorite past time is practicing his dribbling skills.  The only problem is his favorite spot to practice is in our family room and 1) the noise drives us all crazy and 2) if he breaks something....boy oh boy!  My husbands quote to little Mike the other day "Mike your Mom loves you....but  that love might quickly be challenged if you break one of her blue and white vases...she may choose the vase in the end".  :)

One of the greatest joys of being a parent is watching your kids do things they love!  

On anther note.  We were gifted a large amount of giant lemons and I have a new found homemade lemonade recipe we have been making like crazy.  With bottles bought from Ikea it makes a great quick gift!

Here is the recipe:

Take equals parts of actual lemon juice mixed with water and sugar.  Boil and stir constantly till dissolved.  For example 2 cups of lemon juice, mix with 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar.

After concentrate is dissolved......let cool.  After you let cool for every 1 cup of lemons that you juiced you add 7 cups of water to the concentrate.  For example if you made 2 cups of concentrate you will add 14 cups of water.  Mix, cool, and serve.  We especially like this recipe because it is not too sweet.  Refreshing without being too heavy!

One more picture of Catherine because I just laughed when I saw it again.

And gifting is most fun with cute wrapping....

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