Thursday, February 23, 2017

This week  I have given myself more quiet time to!  Time in my car without the radio or noise.  I have spent less time texting people, and talking on the phone.  Just being quiet in the world in which we live is a challenge.  It has truly felt like a little gift to just have some quiet and enjoy just being present. 

I crave simplicity as life continues to flourish with crazy schedules, and loud voices trailing my home.  Just a few extra minutes of tuning out the noises of life has felt refreshing.  About a month ago we went as a Relief Society on a hike.  We went to the top of a small mountain nearby and my friend Lindsay gave an amazing short talk about setting goals for the new year.  She talked about coming up with just one word that could be your own personal theme and signify your goals for the new year.  Making new years resolutions is sometimes tricky.   There are so many goals to be made.  However, I can have a one word goal in mind for my year.  I have thought and thought about what that one word should be.  Many came to mind....


However one theme word stands out in my mind.......


I guess that is two words.  But notice in the verb sense is my word for the year.  In order for me to notice and discern in my life it requires me to be disciplined, thoughtful, and quiet in my soul.  Life is not still, nor will it be in the near future....but my mind and heart can be.   

 I  am most happy when I notice.  

I am most content and grateful when I notice. 

I am more patient with my family when I notice.

I am more creative when I notice.  

I am most me when I NOTICE!

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