Thursday, March 16, 2017

Our little family just got home from Mexico for Spring Break.  As you can see we were really quite relaxed.....especially Mike who needed the break from work!

We ate Mango's and tacos daily and plenty!

A favorite memory was Mike and me sneaking away for fresh burritos in town.  

The kids were entertained all day long with paddle boards and the banana boats. 

Somehow someone came up with the idea of the Mom's taking a turn on the banana boat!  

 We were all smiles and laughing beforehand, but the screams were real as well as the threats to keep us warm and dry!  The driver was tempted and it was a close call for getting dumped.  However at the end of the ride the man yelled with his accent "scare of the lady in the dunk".  My stomach hurt from laughing so hard!  

The beach is so great to just sit and talk and sit and talk to friends and catch up!

Dinner nightly ......with favorite people in my life!! and dear friends!

Mike and I both make pretty good beach bums. 

This trip I truly had a bag obsession.  Some people might think of the above as tortilla holders.....I find it as the perfect clutch and purse!  I bought this cover up from TJ Maxx thinking I would most definitely return it....however it was the most used item in my wardrobe this trip!  

I may be deemed the bag lady in Mexico, but my negotiating was sharp with the aid of translators and friends.  I came home with some loot!

 Again....a lot of this.....  My favorite swimsuit I found at TJ Maxx the night before we left.  
Blue and white forever and the perfect sporty coverage!  

Had the best time with these lovely ladies!  

A favorite excursion was on Sunday after we attending church Mike and I took our kids to visit a patient of his that had invited us to his place.  He lives in Rocky Point, but just visits the states for his medical treatments.  He lives in a quaint secure neighborhood about 20 miles from the resort we were staying.  

It was the most gorgeous little spot.  This house right next to his.....and this door!  I was ready to move on IN!

This door was worthy of an entire photo shoot...and not one person in my family seemed to appreciate THAT! 

So it was just me for like half a second.....because truly standing alone for a picture is totally and completely  awkward.....despite what anyone else seems to think!  Mike kept kind of teasing me about all my "one piece outfits" this trip.....but goodness they make outfit decisions easy! I found this one on eBay!  

I love Mexico and all the color everywhere you go inside and out!
Mikes patient had this beautiful piece of original artwork that was just stunning!

At market....

Sam with his new pup.

Mikey and his friends.....boys boys.....rough and tumble all day on the beach!

All the boys loved the banana boat.....even little Sam!

My best shopping buddies and cohorts in crime!  Love these sisters!

Till next year Mexico........

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