Sunday, April 9, 2017

About three months ago I wrote about a New Years' resolution challenge to come up with one word that encompasses my 2017 goals.  I have gone through many words, and notice was at the top of the list.  However the word bloom comes to mind as of late. 
It is all encompassing to what goals I have in mind.  To bloom...means to be present, real, appreciate, grow, and flourish rather than just survive.  It means I need to be present, real, and water daily with the good things of life.   

I LOVE a good quote....and I LOVE a GREAT WORD!

When it comes to fashion.....I don't know much but I surely like to pretend.  

I love a good eclectic BIG pair of earrings....and I am surely loving all my Mexican basket purses I found my last trip to Rocky Point.   My thoughts on fashion for the fleeting moment....

If you go eclectic with accessories then go simple with what you are wearing.....
if you go eclectic with what you are wearing go a tad more simple with accessories.
I especially love a good pair of GIANT earrings these days.  Especially because I end up wearing my hair back about 75 percent of the time!  

This basket may not be the most practical but just the right size for a few necessities...

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