Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday!

We had a traditional Easter feast this afternoon.  I spent most of the day today and part of yesterday preparing and cooking away.  

Of course setting the table is always my favorite part.....

I had big plans to wake up bright and early this morning to hide Easter baskets, and take some family photos.  

My kids were a little on the difficult side with picture taking and since we have nine o'clock church and Mike was out of town for family didn't quite happen.  

I did find a favorite Easter dress a few months back.  

It reminds me of a combination of my favorite bird chairs I had recovered in a similar fabric, and something from the sound of music.  This fabric really would make for some beautiful draperies.  Must be why I was drawn to it immediately.  Two of my favorite things...

upholstery and the sound of music that is:)  

I got a huge assortment of beautiful flowers from my friend Ellen on Friday.  

Alyssa my photographer is a quick quick study!

I have come to terms that despite what trends are or are not....I love what I love....and I love to share.  Although the sharing part is still a bit of stretch!

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