Monday, May 8, 2017

A bunch of random pictures and some random happenings.  

A couple of weeks ago I took pictures for my good friends boys baptism coming up!  He also happens to be Cath's favorite crush in the 1st grade.  He is such a darling boy with a great family!  

Just more of my plants....because this is about as "garden" as we get here in the desert.  

 My friend Adrianne let me borrow a few of her cactus for the cinco de mayo ward party last weekend.  I kind of got attached.  
I love how she spray painted the pots!

Had to snap a few of the sombreros used for the party.....must have weighed a ton on that little head of hers. 

high heels and pink umbrella's oh boy.....every day is an adventure.....

My favorite spring sandals for under $25 at Forever 21.  
The best part about these sandals is that I found them in Utah with my sister. She spotted, we both grabbed a pair and just like that they were sold and off the shelf!  I LOVE THEM....even more than I thought they would.  Partly because of the story with who and when I bought them.  

I have been on rampage of collecting extra LARGE earings lately over the past year or so!  I really am gaining quite the collection and love this pair in particular.  And yes, I am wearing two rings on  my wedding finger.  Not because I am married to two husbands:) hahaha.... but because a good friend gave me this turqouise beauty for my birthday and it only fits on this one finger!  

On a side note I have been having lots of thoughts about social media and life and perspectives lately.  It is quite tricky this world in which we live.  A lot of mixed messages and gray areas of life.  I have been thinking a lot about what is most important and why to me in my life.  Kind of time of self reflection.  Sammy turned five and will be starting kindergarten just like that.  It is kind of a new era of life for me. 

Perspectives are different for everyone.  We all live in our own little bubbles so to speak. The key is to embrace our worlds in which we live, not fight change and try and celebrate the future.  It isn't always simple and easy but always worth it in the end.    

I have been thinking about photography a lot lately and it has continued to become a passion.  My passion has increased for life style photography more and more and interior photography as well.  I don't have a passion for newborns.  In fact, newborn photography is a killer for me.  

However, I found this cute older photo of what I considered a disastrous session...and I kind of love the pictures more in hindsight. is all about perspectives.  

Natural light in my bedroom pre - church birthday party of sorts I hosted at my house!

I LOVE NATURAL LIGHT and big pink balloons!

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