Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Catherine Blessing Day! What a joy she is!

We had a great day yesterday with the blessing of baby Catherine. I don't think she could be more loved! For some reason I am always a little anxious the day of baby blessings....but wow it turned out to be a great day. I am particularly thoughtful and reminded of my Mom and the hard brave thing she is going through right now with chemo. We really miss and love her. On a day when I am blessing my own baby I am so reminded of the wonderful amazing Mom that I have. There is nothing like a mothers love! I had no idea until I have had my own. So thank you Mom. Despite missing family a lot it was so wonderful to have such great and special friends to share the day with. It is definitely true that friends really become family when you live away from home. We had a few close families from the ward come over to our house for dessert to celebrate baby Catherine's big day. It turned out to be a highlight to top off the day.

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