Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Snow Is Finally Melting!

It was fun while it lasted, but I am a little relieved....actually a lot now that it is March, and to say that the snow has finally melted. I think that we traded weather this year with the rocky mountains. It has been crazy how much snow we got in the month of February. Our kids LOVED IT! We had a permanent pile of wet gloves, boots, and random snow gear by our front door this past month. Mikey was the ultimate snow man. He just could not wait to get outside and be in all of that snow which was taller than he was at times. Alyssa was our professional "shoveler" and for all of those who know her she was quite effective for a little five year old. She was running the snow removal process and was quite worried about her missed preschool days due to weather. The snow kept us on our toes this month, and actually I must say February flew by. On to March with spring around the corner.

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