Monday, April 26, 2010

Alyssa's latest nightly ritual.....and she refuses to take the tutu off for bed. I am learning to choose my battles. Parenting = patience, a lot of laughing, and lets be honest definately some crying:)

ps. notice the multiple bandaids on her legs.....between Mikey and Lyssa we have gone through an entire box in one week.  They want bandaids for everything.  That battle will have to be won by me otherwise we will be spending our whole paycheck on first aid items.:)


GeNee said...

What a cute vanity. Those tu tu's are made of soft fabric so maybe it will be alright to go to sleep in. Coming from a soft hearted Grandma type of person.

lauren said...

You need to take pics of your whole house so I can show my SIL! You are so awesome, and I am LOVING pink myself. I will totally be down if Sushi wants to wear a tutu to bed! I must be a really good amazing parent cause I don't cry.. hahahahahahahahah