Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to School

Oh goodness.  This blog entry is so way over due.  I have been a blog slacker the last few months......taken a sabbatical.  But have missed logging my own life and memories.  I truly have a lot of blessings I need to share memories of.....three little munchkins and a very handsome husband.  So here we go again.  The life at the Sumko house in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I can't believe Alyssa started kindergarten.  Actually I can.  My cute little Lyssa full of energy and zest has finally started the journey of school.  Most moms cry the first day of kindergarten, but Alyssa was just way too excited for me to cry.  She was ready and rearing to go with her little backpack and big smile.  I had a darling fall little first day outfit for her to wear.....but it was just way too hot (like 100 degrees) so off to school ready to go in her cute little summer attire.  Goodness I love this girl!

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