Friday, March 11, 2011

30 things during the day that make me happy.

So I was talking to my good friend DeAnne the other day, and she was telling me how she had made a list a few years ago of things that can help lift her mood and spirits on gloomy, long days.  I thought considering the  events, and the time of year in Pennsylvania this would be a very fitting and great activity.  A good brain storming of things that can help lift here we go:  I know some of these are a little pathetic...but let us just be reminded I have three little munchkins attached to me basically at all times, and live in pretty much the total country.:)

It is sad to start out by thinking of a good diet coke to start the I won't even go there.:)
1)I know cliche but......a good prayer to start off the day
2)going for a drive down to Lancaster
3)listening to good calming music
4)a nice little run
5)a cold stone or a Rita's icecream
6)going to borders and looking through a big pile of magazines
7)Panera for lunch with a friend
8)going to Wegmans.....the favorite and best grocery store ever
9)Costco at lunch time and sampling all the samples
10)looking through and folding favorite outfit pages out of a jcrew or anthropology magazine
11)hitting up my favorite antique stores.....all within a few blocks of each other.
12)going to the Pennsylvania fabric outlet warehouse and buying ribbons, and fabric, and daydreaming of being a designer. 
13)looking up my favorite design blogs
14)ordering Chinese takeout for dinner
15)a yummy diet drink from Sonic
16)watching days of our lives without the commercials
17)going to my favorite farmers market, and flower nursery especially during the spring and fall
18)taking my kids to chocolate world
19)meeting a friend with their kids at the park (it has to be good weather for this one to be fun)
20)sewing projects, particularly skirts for my girls
21)reading a really good book
22)reading the talks by Elder Uchtdorf "Of things that matter most", or his one on creating "Happiness your Heritage" from the relief society broadcast
23)taking a walk around our block, or even just driving around the block with the kids(my mom use to do this with us all the time)
24)going to the camp hill bakery for a cookie or a rum ball.  They are amazingly delicious... I had never had one till here, and I must admit I feel a little rebellious with the rum ingredient....although I am pretty sure they are legit).  It is truly the cutest bakery I have ever seen.....I need to take a picture.
25)calling family or good friends who don't live by any more.
26)going to Target and TJ Max
27)finding really good deals on expensive European little girl clothing on ebay
28)finding really good deals and then selling them, making money on eBay (a reminder I need to do this more)...the selling that is.   I am good at the buying:)
29)planning a dinner party....I haven't done this is a while....I need to get going
30)staying up really late when my husband is working on call and my kids are asleep watching TLC,HGTV, or a chic flick.

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Heidi said...

Holy Cow Jenn! Almost all of those things make me happy, too (I haven't watched Days/Lives since Marlena was possessed by the Devil - funny stuff)!