Thursday, March 10, 2011

self made mobile:) with some of my favorite little treasures.

    Little treasures I have collected over the years make me happy.  I am definately a person of sentiment.  An item can have little value monetarily, but great value to me depending on where, when, and who I purchased somethingwith......or a gift that has been given to me.  This is definately a genetic trait.  My Dad has told me on numerous occassions that my mom wasn't as concerned with the amount that something cost, but more the beauty of the item.  This was for better or for worse as far as a budget was concerned.  But she always had beautiful treasures that she loved.  I like my Mom love beautiful things that have meaning.  I decided I wanted to make a little something for above baby Catherine's crib.  Now I realize it is far from fabulous, but everything hung has special meaning to me, and all of the trinkets hanging involve memories of trips over the past 6 years home to Utah.  I have loved and now cherish those trips, and the many excursions with my mom and sister.  I look forward to the many trips I have ahead with my daughters.:)

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GeNee said...

That is pretty. Your Mom had a very good eye for beautiful things. I like what Bill said about her. He sounds like a good husband who is very understanding.