Sunday, April 3, 2011

Annual New York City Macy's Spring Flower Display!

So yesterday at the last minute I caught a ride with friends up to New York City for the day.  It was a very last minute unexpected trip.....and often I think those are the most fun.  I LOVED the day!  It just happened to be the annual Macy spring flower display weekend.  It was amazing.  I walked in to first of the regal Macy's to be filled with amazement at the unbelievable flowers EVERYWHERE.  It was a garden while shopping.  My two favorite things:)  The first thing I thought of, of course, was how I wish my Mom was here with me to see.  But at the moment I then realized she probably was.  Anything that has to do with flowers reminds me of my Mom.  She truly loved them.  This is something again that she passed on to her daughters.  The display was beautiful....I wish I had a better camera to give it justice.  The entire day was wonderful.  There is no place like New York.  I was by myself most of the day and had the chance to scower the fashion district, and fabric stores.  The smells in many of the stores were less than desirable, and little glamour was found in any, but the fabrics found were gorgeous and any designers heyday I am sure.  I just kept daydreaming of projects I wish I knew how to complete:)  Another favorite store I love when I go to NYC is Daffy's.  They have the most beautiful European girl dresses for steals of a deal.  You really can't beat the prices.  Lots of Anavini, Torres, Carriage Boutique, Le Pearle, and many many others.

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GeNee said...

That looks so fun and pretty. Stephen is going to New York to live next year. It would be fun to see that flower show. I will have to go to Daffy's. I have never heard of that store. It sounds fun to see. I am glad you got a little trip, I like your coat.