Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early Easter Pics

I just couldn't resist last sunday pretending and dressing for easter.  It was just such a nice day......and I am such an easter person.  It is truly a favorite holiday for me.  The way I decorate, the clothes I love.......all kind of go with easter.  So we are starting a little early this year in the Sumko fam.  I had my easter wreath up the beginning of that taboo.?:)  Probably.....but makes me happy.


GeNee said...

I think Easter is my favorite, those are my colors. I tend a Giselle and we play with Play Dough. It is more fun in the Easter colors. I can't help buying all the pretty stationary and Easter cards.

GeNee said...

I love those pink dresses! They are looking great for Easter!