Monday, April 4, 2011

Catherine's Hair Catastrophe! Catherine's hair explanation.  This should make anyone feel better.  I still can't believe it.  So I woke up Saturday, a week ago, and explained to Mike that I needed to take the girls to get their hair trimmed.  Catherine's hair especially was really uneven and crazy.  So Mike in response tells me that he wants to fix it.  In hindsight, why I even considered letting him, is beyond comprehension)  After 10 minutes of trying to convince me that he could do it I relented.  I told him "fine.....just don't mess it up please.....and left the room.".....famous last words.  My two biggest mistakes were 1)I should have never left the room and 2)I should never trust that someone who can fix bones with fine tune surgical instruments can cut hair!!!!  I left the room and started cleaning when I heard an "oops.....this is a little harder than I thought it would be."  My response "Honey, you better fix it."  So a few minutes later while I was cleaning the kitchen I hear the razor, and I panicked.  I ran to the bathroom only to find my beautiful little precious girl with a flat top.  A true marine flat top.  Mike had brought out the razor in hopes to fix his mistake.  I still can't believe his thought process....but yes a flat top.  At that point we were at no return.  The hair must all come off.  Hence......the shaved head of my beautiful, girl.  I cried!  For real, I really cried.  I just thought I would share.  This should make any mom feel better about their parenting....and I learned a big lesson.  We are going to the hair dresser for the rest of our lives....!!!!  So for the record.....the shaved head is NOT Jenn trying to prove a fashion statement.  It was a BIG mistake.....but she is still just so cute.  I am investing in a lot of headbands with big, big bows and flowers.  I think she has worn a dress every day since.....just in case people wonder.:)

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GeNee said...

I can't believe he did that! That was kind of like when my husband insisted on flocking the tree in the living room when we were first married. I told him if he did that he would have to clean it up. He was up all night. Mike owes you big time for this. I don't know if a bouquet of flowers will do! She has a pretty face and big eyes so she is pretty know matter what!