Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day In Lancaster!

We were able to go down to Lancaster as a family yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day, and it was such a good feeling to be together....all of us.  The countryside of Pennsylvania is just so peaceful and calm.  I always love to stop by little quilt shops along the way and admire the beautiful workmanship, and countless hours spent on each quilt.  It is exquisite art really.  
One of our favorite spots in Lancaster is Lapp Valley Farm.  It is a family farm, with a little icecream/dairy shop attached.  Stopping at the farm is always a must for ice cream, milk and cheese.  All the dairy comes straight from the farm cows.  We take all of our out of town visitors there for icecream..... it is divine. 

The girls being silly at the farm.

Dad getting ready to milk cows.:)

   This kid is full of mischief on all family outings.....I think he is planning his next plan of action in this picture:)

                  I love this picture of Catherine devouring her icecream.:)

The gardening in Lancaster is inspiring.  The pansies are beautiful this time of year.  Many of the house have big pansies in planters.  We came home inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Lancaster and headed straight for yard work.  There is something about working your own land.......
    Alyssa took this picture.....she was thrilled.!  Our new little photographer.:)


love.boxes said...

I love that all those cows turned their heads to have their picture taken.. what a fun little trip. :)

GeNee said...

I loved all the pictures. I am surprised how fast the babies hair is growing and it looks like she is going to be a brunette. Lancaster looks so pretty. I am so ready to plant some pansies. I love the picture of the baby eating her ice cream. And I loved your pretty blouse. That was a cute picture of the two girls and Mickey. Isn't it fun to have a boy too! That is a funny picture of Mike with all the cows!