Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Day In Philly

So we headed to Philadelphia for a day to visit our dear friends the Walters and see some sights. We are truly grateful for good, good friends. It was such a fun day despite the torrential down pour.

We waited in line in the pouring rain to see the Liberty Bell.  Catherine was an angel and slept through it all.  I don't think we would have lasted without the good company of the Walters......we laughed a lot all day.

Sara is the was so great to see her.  She is such a good example to me in about a million ways.:)

Because it is my and Mike's birthday Sara made each of us our own cake.  Is this not adorable?!  She is the cake master.  She knows that I love birds, and blue is my favorite color.  The cake matches my house:)  Truly....we are lucky. 

Mikes cake is perfect too.  The cake tastes as good as it looks.  I don't know how she does it.  She keeps telling me making these cakes are easy and that she will teach me.  I don't believe seems like that is what all my talented friends say:) 

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Sarabeara said...

Jenn, We are the lucky ones! We had a blast on Saturday. Thanks so much for spending the day with your family here in Philly. We love you guys!!!