Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Happy Easter!

Our fore casted rainy, gloomy day in Pennsylvania turned out to be beautiful, warm, and lovely.  Yeah...for good weather.  Today was a great day with Easter baskets, church, and friends.  However, I must say it wiped me out.  I have tons of dishes just waiting to be done, and here I am blogging.  Much more fun.  We started off the day at the Wilsey's for an Easter egg hunt, and brunch.  Katie Wilsey could not be a more eloquent host:)  Honestly, her hosting skills are the perfect combination of being lovely and artistic, yet casual and comfortable.  Her parents were in town, and we got to know them better.  I can see exactly where Katie and her amazing qualities comes from.  What great and wonderful people.  We were honored to spend the morning with them all.

Charlie, Alyssa, and Mikey towards the end of the hunt.....I think Charlie collected the most eggs....

but Catherine was surely trying hard to keep up.......

hard at work.:)

So the family Easter pictures....didn't quite turn out.  A little bright on the eyes today.  My children aren't quite use to the sun yet this year:)  Don't you love Alyssa's toothless grin. Oh....and my dress was $20 from my favorite antique shop.  Did I mention.....I love vintage clothing. 

Capturing a moment was definitely worth a shot....although better luck next Easter:)

After the photo, church, and Mike's pager going off in the middle of sacrament we came home for a traditional Edwards Sunday dinner.  The menu:  Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, Asparagus, Baked Potato's, Rolls, and Green Salad.  That might not sound the most gourmet, but it is a Edwards family favorite.  A hot pink gingham table cloth was used, and tulips were the centerpiece.  Being the daughter of my mother hot pink gingham is an inherited favorite.  And a floral centerpiece on Easter is definitely a must:) 

We were lucky enough to be in good company with friends from our ward to join in our dinner Easter celebration.  I was thankful for many things today, of course the most being our Savior.  Thank goodness for holidays as times of reflection and bringing family and friends together.  I love being a mom, and I love being a mom on Easter.  Now off to bed:) 


GeNee said...

I loved all your Easter pictures. I really liked the Catherine's dress and her new hair bow! Alyssa and Mikey looked cute dressed up in their Easter finery, and I loved your dress, you looked fabulous in that beige dress. I am glad you had a Happy Easter! We had a lot of fun too. I bet your table was pretty.

Alicia said...

Catherine's dress is so pretty, pretty pretty! I love it. I liked your dress too and necklace.

love.boxes said...

I love vintage everything, but you look so pretty in that dress Jen!