Wednesday, May 18, 2011

East Coast Spring Rain!

So I am really trying to have a good attitude about the rain around here.  Some of the lawn is really green, I have an excuse not to be cutting it or doing other yard work such as weeding and cultivating, I am not getting skin cancer from sun exposure, my kids are love running around in it (at least it is warm), the flowers are growing and blooming beautifully........and I am getting some indoor projects done before summer fun pool days:)  I am really trying hard to keep up this good attitude. 

In the meantime I recently worked on recovering our kitchen chairs.  I was thrilled with the outcome.  They are by no means perfect by any stretch of the imagination.....but much improved in my view.  I was excited to have completed this somewhat long and arduous project.


Alicia said...

Ah! I LOVE the blue and white. I love the shape of the chairs, too and the white dish in the middle of the table. You've inspired me to put a white dish in the middle of my table now!

It is really sunny and warm here. But I can't get out in it! I'm 37 weeks pregnant and am barely mobile (unless you call duck waddling walking). So...there's always something. But hopefully, this baby will come soon and I can get outside and move around!

Brian said...
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DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oops I deleted that last post. After I published it it said Brian said... because I was logged into his gmail account. It didn't seem appropriate when it read...Brian said...YOU ARE AMAZING!! haha

No really you are amazing! I love your chairs. Can't wait to sit in them in a few weeks!