Monday, May 9, 2011

My gorgeous sister.....and best example of motherhood.!

When I think of amazing person comes to the top of my own sister, Rebecca.  She has eight beautiful children and many are just a year apart. and of itself.  I wish I had more pictures of her and her beautiful kids.  They are all toeheads amazingly enough.  She might not be happy with me for posting this.  But too late:) 

When I am having a difficult day with my own children, or am trying to figure out how to handle a situation with them, I think about my Mom and what she would do.  Almost simultaneously I think about Rebecca and what she would do.  She is such an incredible mother, who genuinely LOVES motherhood.  She is gifted in a million ways.  But I have to of her greatest gifts is her ability as an AMAZING mother and her genuine love of motherhood.  I am so lucky to have her as my older sister and example.  She is a great example of balance as a mother.  She is patient and loving, but still runs the show......she is fun and positive with her kids, but realistic and real.......she is organized and diligent.....but relaxed and flexible........she is spiritual and in tune......but not overbearing.   I love her so much and have definitely been mindful of her with the recent mothers day celebrations.


GeNee said...

I love the pictures of Rebecca and her children. What fun clothes and I love the background of the picture. It is fun that all her children have that light hair. I am glad you made it through Mother's Day. I was thinking about you and Rebecca. The little Elisabeth is so cute in her hot pink tutu. Rebecca is a wonderful mother and so are you. You both have a way of making things so fun and beautiful, just like your Mom. That was so nice of you to invite people for Mother's Day. You a wonderful girl.

GeNee said...

I meant to say you are a wonderful girl.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh Jen, this was such a sweet post. I still have chills. I feel so honored that you have said I am like her. I read the post to my mom and she is amazed at your writing skills. You really do have a way of saying things just right!