Monday, May 9, 2011


Oh goodness....we made it through mothers day this year.  I was expecting it to be thoughtful and difficult this year with the loss of my own mother, and was.  With that being said I felt so much gratitude and love for my best friend and Mom. 

It was a day of awakening for me, acknowledging that mothers day is difficult for a lot of people.  I was so much more aware of woman who were alone, not mothers, or mothers who have experienced loss.  Fortunately Mike was around all weekend, such a support, and amazing husband. 

Yesterday after church.....kind of on a spur we ended up inviting over a couple of good friends and mothers lonely for different reasons, and without husbands for dinner.  It was a last minute invitation for all.  They each brought something yummy.  The weather was perfect.  We fired up the grill, and had a great time just all being together sharing a somewhat difficult day for each of us in our different, circumstances.  Mike, a trooper,was the man of the house grilling all the yummy food.:)  I really felt we each needed each other yesterday as fellow mothers experiencing some hard things. It was so nice to be with my sweet children, husband, and amazing mothers perservering through uncharted, difficult circumstances.

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