Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Resources.....Always Helpful.:)

So here we two of memoies and lessons learned from my Mom this week while getting ready to celebrate on Mothers Day.  A favorite memory and lesson I learned from my Mom was her abillilty to be resourceful.  My mom loved beautiful and lovely things.  She had and eye and a desire to be surrounded by beauty.  But she was very resourceful in making that happen.  She knew how to make something lovely, resourcefully.  She also knew how to make things beautiful without being resourceful (ie.....budget).....but that is for a different topic and a different day.:)

I have early memories of her sewing dresses for me, re-painting old furniture to decorate a room, gathering wildflowers for a centerpiece, using scraps of material for a beautiful tablecloth, using ribbons to make me bows until I was way too old to be wearing them:)  She was just so good at all of these things.  I use to take for granted how talented she was in this area until I started trying.  Every time I do a project I think about my Mom, and I think about how she would be proud of me, and miss her advice on how to do things.

In fact a funny, funny memory we all have of my mom is driving around past dark when we were little.  She would find a parking lot of a building, or a curb somewhere with beautiful flowers.  We would have scissors ready, and she would have us.....her innocent little children jump out of the car and cut small bunches of flowers.  It was usually on a saturday night, and often for a church centerpiece....the irony of the story.:) We use to hate it, and laugh about it at the same time.  She was resourceful..... I must be totally honest, the same temptation comes to my mind as I drive along the roads of Pennsylvania......and on occasion.....scissors do come in handy.......:)  My kids are too little for the dirty work, but my husband....

She was also resourceful in finding talents, help, and the best for her children.  She was interested in everything we did.  She wanted to make sure that we had many opportunities available.  She would spend countless hours researching, and helping us.  If she didn't know the answer to what was best for her child, she would find someone who did.  She introduced us to music, dance, athletics.  She would research the best teachers, the best summer camps.  She made sure we always had good friends.  She was the best. fun to reflect and document favorite memories during another thoughtful week.


Bill said...

Love the blog, love all the posts (even though I rarely comment!) and especially love this week’s posts. You’re the best, Jenn. I too am grateful for the incredible influence Mom has had and continues to have in our lives…we are very lucky.


love.boxes said...

One thing I loved about your mom's eye for decorating was her passion for flowers. She had a way of making the flowers the center of attention and they were always beautiful.

GeNee said...

I love the story about driving around at night and cutting the flowers! When we were teenagers she was always hugging and talking to little babies. I knew how much she loved children even then. She was a great mother, one of the best.