Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week of Mother's Day!

Wow. Mothers day is quickly approaching. What a wonderful and special time to celebrate our Mothers and their amazing influence in our lives. I was so blessed to have such an amazing mother. In lieu of mothers day, every day this week, I want to write about a favorite memory of my own mother.

Today I will start with the memory of her always having the nicest, kindest things to say to me. She had the ability to make everyone, and anyone feel like a million dollars through her sincere compliments. She was one of the most complimentary people I have ever met. I have learned in recent years what a rare and valuable gift this is to others. I don't think I had a conversation on the phone with her where she didn't pay me a compliment or tell me that how much she loved me. She always had the best compliments. And she was sincere. I am so grateful for her for that and I hope that I can continually develop that talent from her example. It was such a blessing in my life and the lives of others.:)

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love.boxes said...

There's a man in my ward that we all just love. He and his wife moved in and they are in their 80's.. almost everyone else is 40 something, but these two are so young at heart, they just fit right in. He was speaking in church the other Sunday and said, "Give people compliments. I promise they can take it." Your mom never missed an opportunity to build people up.