Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Memorial Day Moment!

So I have two amazing and awesome brothers.  My brother Dave is living in Utah with his three darling children.  I thought this was a touching story about Dave and his daughter Amanda.  To preface the story all of the grandchildren were close with my Mom.  Amanda, Dave's oldest, has a lot in common with my Mom.  Amanda loves to collect flowers, is always sewing, and loves loves the color pink.  I often heard my Mom comment how Amanda loves all of the same things that she did when she was little. 

On Sunday night Amanda was really distressed and missing mom.  Apparently she went to bed in tears, and did not have a good night sleep.  In the morning my brother Dave took her to collect wildflowers.  At twelve years of age she made a beautiful floral arrangement.  Early in the morning Dave took her to the cemetery to place them on my sweet mothers grave.   This example touched my heart.  I love this story because it shows two types of love.  A deep love and connection that a beautiful young girl has for her grandma, and love that a Dad has for both his Mom and his daughter. I have been so touched by both their example and intuition.

Dave and I were talking last night admitting that it just hasn't completely hit us that Mom is gone.  I know that it hasn't really hit us because she is still involved in our lives.  We still feel her influence so so much.  What a blessing she is in our lives.

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GeNee said...

I love that little Amanda and her Dad made a pretty bouquet for Kathy. She will be so happy and glad to be remembered. We went to Bear Lake to decorate my Grandfather's and Grandmother's graves and Uncle Max and Aunt Gwen's. I thought about Kathy the whole time, we had so much fun as children there. My grandfather Stephen's said before he died, " I am going to die and no one will remember me" and my Dad said," I will" and even though it is so hard for him now that he is eighty six and having a hard time getting around it is very important for him that we go and decorate all the graves. His mother and father and all his brothers and sisters that are there. It was fun to be with all my brothers and sisters. I thought of all the Edwards and Harringtons and wished I could be with them too. I love your mother very much.