Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visit from Cybil!

This past weekend one of my dear friends Cybil came to town.  She is living in Michigan right now while her husband is finishing his orthopedic residency.  It was so great to see her.  She is such a warm, loving, fun, sympathetic friend.  One of the greatest blessings of Mike's schooling process has been the amazing and dear friends that I have been able to make.  They have gotten me through!  Cybil is my close friend from Erie who at ten at night (after kids were in bed and husbands were studying) I could call. We would peruse the isles of Walmart at ten at night (the only store open) laughing hysterically while shopping for good deals.  Cybil has the ability to always make me laugh and smile.  Another favorite funny memory with her is our weekly date to watch the bachelor.  We would usually watch at my house.....her with a slurpee,.... me with my tootsie rolls.  We only had one TV with cable up in our bedroom.  We would be cozy in my bed watching and Mike would happen to somehow be available and join in on the drama of reality television.  He would plop on the bed (me in the middle) to watch.  She still teases him about that.

What would I do without my stalwart  friends I have met over the past 6 years.......Cybil, DeAnne, Sara, Ashley, Lauren, Katie.:)  Truly I would be in big trouble and I would have not had nearly the smiles I have been able to have.  Thank you, thank you above for dear and loving friends:) I look forward to many fun times ahead with them all...... I just wish they could all be my neigbors for life.!

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