Friday, July 8, 2011

Birthdays and Hydrangeas!!!

So......instead of packing like I should be doing I am blogging, taking pictures, and decorating.......hum.....oh well.  So I had a little birthday lunch for a good friend.  What a fun afternoon.....much better than packing.  So today I did succumb and instead of making a cake like I should have, I bought a cute little mini one from my favorite bakery of all time..........The Pennsylvania Bakery.  I mean to take pictures of it every time I go.  I actually took my camera this morning, but they are under renovation so.......nada.  Every time I go to this bakery I feel like I have stepped back into time 20 years, and feel the influence of my Grandma who was an excellent baker and home economics teacher for over 40 years.  

Hydrangeas are everywhere in my house today.  I am such the culprit of my Mothers influence.  At ten o clock last night I found myself at an abandoned house with scissors in hand cutting hydrangeas to put in various places in my house.  It really was at abandoned that is stealing.....right:)?   It was such a guilty pleasure, and I chuckled thinking back to memories of my Mom doing the same thing when I was young.   


[AnnieR] said...

And I loved every second of it. I felt so special. Thank you so much again for everything. It was delicious and fun--the best kind of combo. Speaking of delicious and fun--MY CAKE! So yummy even though it sort of broke my heart cutting into it. Luckily Olive and Catherine helped me feel not as bad. I'll probably be stealing your pic off your blog because the one I took of it when I got home had little finger holes in it! :) And I'm loving my hydrangeas and little vase/bowl. Seriously. You're such a great friend. Have a great time in UT and we'll play when you get back!

GeNee said...

I like the hydrangeas. And I love the lime green cake!