Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Ready To Head For Utah!

So the big event.....Utah for a month is happening in three days.  Yeah!  We are getting excited.......and always a little nervous......for the travel that is.   You would think I would have flying across the country by myself with three kids down, but I don't.  I keep bugging my husband to prescribe me something for the flight (like Valium, ha ha) but he won't.  Probably smart on his behalf, but I do get nervous.  So I will just pray.... and as always hope the best, expect the worst.:)  I am getting excited to enjoy the beautiful mountains, but will miss Pennsylvania this time of year.  It is so gorgeous out here right now.  We have had a lot of rain so it seems extra lush and green.  Here are a couple more pics from my favorite barn.  I drive past this every time I go to my favorite grocery store Wegman's.  I don't know what I enjoy more Wegman's, or the drive:)

Actually........the truth is I enjoy Wegman's more, but the drive is always beautiful.

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