Friday, July 15, 2011


So we made it.  It is always a miracle to me to touch down onto Salt Lake soil all in one piece with my three cute, but very active kids.  I really should write a book on traveling with toddlers, however it would probably not be a pretty one:)  I have had some good with some bad travel experiences.  This one was relatively calm.  I have two letters for why it was so calm........DS!!!!  Love them, worth every penny. of my busiest was occupied the entire flight with Super Mario.:)  Thank goodness for technology.  It really can make a mothers life easier.

It has been surreal since I have been here.  Walking into my parents house was just not the same this time. Everything about my parents house represents my Mom, and her love and her physical presence is very missed. Small details are just not the same....(she was such a detail person), but most importantly her smile and large loving eyes are so so missed.  I am so grateful for my sweet, sweet Dad and he has kept up the house and his life amazingly.

I escaped to Brigham City with the kids and my cute Dad joined.  Wow.....thank goodness for my in laws.  I don't know of a woman more caring and selfless than my mother in law.   She is the mother of six, and has such an innate ability to take care of others.  It is so natural for her.  She gives credit to all of her good and bad qualities to her Greek heritage.  She has often referred to olive oil as the secret to success with all........I am starting to really believe her.  I figure if I can just eat more olive oil I will turn out to be as good of woman as her.....and I will be set.  We could not look more opposite in appearance ......her five feet two, dark hair, dark eyes.....but we have bonded heart and a joint love of Mike and my kids that I am so grateful for.:)

She was so good to me and my Dad.  She always sends us home with food to stock the freezer and gives the best hugs when she says goodbye.  It felt like a such a good escape and we are already planning another trip up there soon soon.


[AnnieR] said...

I didn't know your Mom, have never met your Dad, nor have I met Mike's Mom but I just have to say your words warmed my heart. And it takes a lot to warm this cold heart of mine. Just kidding. Actually, lately, a picture of a baby panda could make me weepy but in all seriousness, your mother-in-law sounds like such a kind-hearted and beautiful person, one whom I could learn much from. I'm so glad you're able to be with her and your Dad right now.

GeNee said...

I am glad you took your Dad up to Brigham City. That was probably so good for him. I am sure he is glad to have you home. It would be hard to come home and not have your Mom there. She would be fun to talk to and she would tell me how beautiful your children are and how proud she is of you. I love the way you talk about your mother-in-law, she sounds like she has a big heart. I hope you have a nice visit and the kids have a good time with their cousins.

Brian said...

YOU HAVE A WAY WITH WORDS JEN! I miss you sooo soooo soooo much@

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh gosh that was weird. ITS ME--DeAnn not Brian!! Guess I should look at who's logged in before I make a comment. No worries MIKE ;)