Sunday, July 24, 2011

19 and a high chair!

So a highlite of out trip so far has been Billy coming into town.  My little brother Billy is such a favorite Uncle. He could not be adored more by ALL the Sumko clan.  Alyssa (now almost 7) still carries around her pink poodle he gave to her when she was a baby.   Ever since our arrival to Utah my kids counted the days till Billy's arrival.  So when he arrived.....we had to celebrate.  We had  an Edwards family day and headed to Seven Peaks in Provo, Utah.

We ended up at the Brick Oven in the heart of Provo, Utah.  A very classic, cliche....Utah family thing to do. Of course......I loved it!:)  The best part of dinner was when we told them we were a party of 19 with one high chair....they acted as if it was no big deal and we were a party of two.  This is one of the many reasons we love to visit Utah.......we feel normal:)   Big families are not only normal, but appreciated in Utah.  What a blessing.! 

Mikey was especially grateful to be with the big boys at the table. 


GeNee said...

I love your title 19 and a high chair! It was kind of hard to take a bunch of kids around in Newport, Rhode Island. I love that Utah is about children. The cousins look like they are having such fun! They are all so darling.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh my you are having so much fun!!! No wonder you aren't coming to see me!