Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Shower

So I have two cousins getting married this August.  I was fortunate to be in town for some of the festivities.  I love weddings and I love this is just perfect that I actually get to attend some of the festivities.  I feel like we have been missing out....while living away.

My Mom has two sisters.  Suzanne and Becky........they are AMAZINGLY ARTISTIC, and  ......extremely CLASSY. My Aunt Suzanne hosted the shower this evening. It was so lovely, lovely.

Suzanne and my Aunt Becky have two of the most beautiful houses that I have seen.  They aren't 10,000 square feet, and they don't have lots of large furniture/decorations in every corner. Suzanne was reminding me the she has had much of her same furniture for years.   They have beautiful, beautiful pieces of furniture that have lasted.   They are beautiful because they are.....but also because every peice has a meaning, been planned, and saved for.

Suzanne has exquisite art she has collected from travels, and lovely decor items she has gathered over the years. Nothing is hodgemoposh (is that even a word:)?).  Their decor represents classic and traditional, but fresh and new.  Everything has been thought out to perfection.   Less is often more.....I am reminded.  Suzanne and Becky's houses are timelesss, tasteful, and everything in perfect order.  I am inspired to go home and revamp my clutter:)    

A favorite part of the evening was opening presents.  Before every present was opened the person giving the gift was to offer advice.  I was completely inspired by all the marriage advice.....I had to document.:)

Seize the moment, and don't sweat the small things....

Love is a choice.  You choose to get choose to love.  It is a verb.

You know what is right now .......just DO IT!

Be selfless.....go to the Temple once a month.

Your husband is your best boyfriend......not your best girlfriend ( we all laughed hysterically at this true)......they just don't seem to always get as excited as us from late night TJ Maxx trips.:)

Go on an occasional super date.....starting with breakfast ending with bed....

Don't try and change your husband......Expect a lot from your children.....but not too much from your husband.

Choose to be happy every day in your marriage.  It is a choice....pray about it every day.... to find joy and have a happy, cheerful home no matter what (this was advice my Mom gave to my Aunt)!!!

Ignore the advice don't go to bed angry.:)  Go to bed when you are angry .....things always look better in the morning.

Be empathetic to what your husbands is needing.  Try to look at things from his perspective.

Enjoy the adventure of the unknown in marriage.  Look at experiences as adventures.

If you expect too much you will be disappointed......this was advice heard from Marjorie Hinckley......puts things in perspective from the prophets wife.:)

Wow....I have profound cousins:)  don't I?  It was such a special night for me to be surrounded by such amazing woman, with such sound advice and strength.

I am telling you genetic.......gingham and hydrangeas:)

 love, love! darling, darling her, love her.  Her dress is vintage....gingham check....cute pleated a-line skirt to the knee. 

There is nothing like a girls night out.

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GeNee said...

I love the gingham table cloth, such a pretty color of green and the cute picture of you and Rebecca. I love checks too!