Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pennsylvania Favorites!

As I mentioned in a previous posts........ our life in Pennsylvania is so different than our vacationing way of life when we head out West.  It is much more simple, and can be a  bit more lonely.:)  I have had an adjustment the past month despite it being my absolute favorite time of year in Pennsylvania.  My quest this week and month is to appreciate my life...... and all of the things that I love here in Pennsylvania.  One regret I don't want to have in life is wishing time, and years to just pass by for the future.  I realize the importance of seizing the days now, and enjoying life to the fullest at all stages.  Enjoying and focusing on the beautiful things in life has been a gift and a challenge the last seven years of marriage, babies, and my husbands schooling.:) 

This week and month I am going to highlight specifically about things that I love where I live.   Many of the them are very simple, and would have no meaning to others......but this is why I blog......it has meaning to me:)  A simple but favorite place we try to frequent not too much, but enjoy enough is our Pennsylvania Bakery.  It is a quintessential small town bakery at it's best. 

I often drive by just to look at the windows, and I particularly love that the employees all wear vintage style baker attire:)  The dislplay cases are always amazing, and the strawberry cake is a favorite among many.