Wednesday, September 7, 2011

East Coast Rain......

So we have been getting some record breaking rain back here in the East.  Umbrellas and rain gear have taken on an entire new meaning.  Cozie pj's are in order for the night, accompanied with some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup.  I am ready for my guilty pleasure of favorite night time shows to start their season. Fall is definitely here in Pennsylvania. 

I had a sweet moment with little Lyssa tonight at dinner.  She was asking some tough questions, like why does God make bugs, spiders, and mean animals?  I was trying to be casual and answer in a way that made sense to me.  Well next thing we know we are talking about life and death, and Grandma Edwards.  I was reminding Alyssa and Mikey that we believe someday we will see Grandma again.  She then went on to say this......word for word (I wrote it down because it was just too perfect)....."Sometimes I hear grandma's voice in my heart that she loves me.  I mean.....I don't really hear her, but I can feel her in my heart."  Wow.....the profound words of a six year old.  I have been extra thoughtful today of family, and my Mom....those words from my little Lyssa really hit me profoundly.  The things we are reminded about from children on a daily basis is amazing.  Thank goodness for profound statements on rainy days:)  

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Bill said...

As always, Alyssa is wise beyond her years! I feel the exact same way she does, although couldn’t have put it as simply and eloquently as her. I’m very grateful for Mom and the incredible influence she’s had (and has) on all of us.

Miss you guys!