Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mum Day!

I love traditions.  I especially love fall traditions in the East.  Mums are on everywhere.....on every porch.   They are a necessary item for fall decor in my part of the world.  I have grown attached!  Every year I designate a day for mums.  I load up my kids and we head out to our favorite mum farm.  A couple of years we dug up our own mums to save a little cash. This year we spurlged and paid full price for already dug up ones.  They were $2.50 a mum this year.....I couldn't resist.:)

It is less than a half hour drive to my favorite little mum spot.  A golden nugget. I have made friends with the owners, which makes it more enchanting.  They are always surprised by how much my children have grown.  We load up on yummy little treats, and small pumpkins inside the store.

What a treat!  Until next year......


GeNee said...

What pretty arrangements! The orange pumpkins look so pretty with the Mums. What a fun outing for the children too!

DeAnn McWhorter said...

I miss that! Stop making me sad.