Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween week!

Sunday night I started feeling a bit overwhlemed by the activities ahead for the week.  Mikey's birthday party, two school parties I am involved with, three costume parades, the primary program (invloved with), the primary party (involved with), grandparents coming to town.....yeah!!!, a trip to Baltimore to visit Mike's sweet Aunt, trick or treating, a party after trick or treating I am hosting at my house......the list goes on and on.  Did I mention I have been feeling very nauseated this week as well.:) 

With that being said yesterday turned out to be a hit, and a favorite.  We celebrated Mikey's birthday at a pumpkin patch. The smile across this boys face.....can seriously melt my heart.  The party turned out to be a hit.  We took a hay ride at dusk, ate pizza, and fed animals.  It was a fantastic Mom moment.  I can not think of anything else I would rather be doing than birthday parties, costumes, halloween parades.....etc.  :)

He was excited about his four layer ghost cake. 

Catherine loved feeding the bunnies and other animals

Alyssa was thrilled that she had her best little girl friend with her

Happy birthday Mikey!!!! 


Kate Brown said...

Jenn, I can't remember how I found your blog, but I love keeping up on your cute family! Your kids are darling, and it makes me miss the East when I read all the fun things you are doing there. So, I am wondering if your nausea means what I think it does? If so, I am right there with you! I am not too far along but enough to feel yucky! Good luck and let me know your details! Love and good luck this week! Kate Brown

DeAnn McWhorter said...

That smile on Mikey makes all the work worth it!! You are a great great MOM!