Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Week!

This week we have been adjusting to not having visitors. We got a little bit spoiled there for a bit. I must say as excited and happy I am for Christmas......with all of the emotions and happenings of last December I have been dreading the month a bit. I admit I have been a bit avoiding emotions by keeping as busy as completely possible. Not necessarily productive busy....just busy:)

I have gotten a good chunk of Christmas shopping out of the way, but have a plethora of projects I would like to endeavor.  Some include.........refurbishing an old baby doll carriage for my cute baby Cath, planning Alyssa's birthday party on the 20th (obviously not thinking when we had her), tracking down just the right green lantern superhero for Mikey (he has been very specific), sewing doll bedding and leggings for the girls, and making an adorable felt wreath like this one thanks to inspiration from Nicole's blog.  I love love her ideas!

Let's be honest........ refurbishing a doll carriage will probably mean a coat of pink spraypaint, and sewing might just have to be traded in for buying.  I am determined to make this wreath though.....isn't it cute?!

Too many ideas....and fun projects......just not quite enough time.  I really want to do this project one night.....I am thinking I could incorporate this into Alyssa's birthday party.

My sister Rebecca was telling me about these when she was out here.  I am totally wanting to jump on the bandwagon.  I think it would be darling if I could incorporate pink for the b-day party:)

Just some thoughts!:)

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noelle said...

I'm thinking about you this month Jenn. xo