Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a ..........!!!!:)

There was much anticipation last Thursday morning. It was the day I went in for my 20 week ultra sound to find out what we are having. My kids had been counting down this day, almost as much as the day of Christmas. My cute Alyssa I am pretty sure had told almost every one at school about the day. As I pulled up to the cross walk to the morning of, the crossing guard pulled me over in anticipation as well:) She had told the crossing guards, the cafeteria workers, the librarians.....her entire class, her old teachers, her current get the drift!

They do things a little different here in Pennsylvania with pick up and drop of from school. For one....there are no buses where I live. My school district prides themselves on a small town feel with kids and parents walking to and from school. Which is great....unless you live a mile away and have three small children.

Most families back here seem to have one or two children and all seem to congregate every morning and afternoon in front of the entrance. It is a social hour for many. I must admit I am the mom that pulls up curbside as indescretely as possible to drop off and pick up. I usually have someone in the car without shoes, another child screaming because she doesn't want her seat belt on.....and I frankly am just grateful to actually have gotten the kids to and from school:) You get my drift.

Thursday afternoon I pull up with the big news for Alyssa. Before I even get curbside....the crossing guard stops me. Next thing I know...Mikey rolls down the window. He takes off his seatbelt, basically is halfway out the window, and yells at the top of his lungs. "'s a BOY!!!!" Honestly about 60 people (parents and children) turn to look at Mikey. Next thing you hear is Alyssa.....with arms straight in the air like she just won a gold medal "It's a boy!", she yells. She comes running to the car to make sure she heard correctly. She then turns around to the now audience and yells ....."It's a BOY!!!!" We get cheers and congrats, and all was well. Schaeffer elementary is now on our list for baby announcements:)

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GeNee said...

That is such a fun day! I love Alyssa she has such an outgoing personality.