Thursday, January 5, 2012

This week.

For about the past ten days I have had the worst cold.  Yikes.  Yesterday it was about 20 degrees plus wind chill.  Needless to say, I have been doing a bit of hibernating.  Today we hit 40 degrees without wind (seems like Hawaii in comparison to yesterday).  My cold seems to be a bit better today, and lets just say.....I am happy.:) Embarrassingly enough to admit during my days of hibernation, rather than being productive I have been catching up on a ton of DVR recordings of my favorite soap....."Days of Our Lives", watching favorite movies like "The Holiday", and scouring the web for all sorts of deals and ideas.  I have been daydreaming of holding my new little baby, summer days and nights....and attending a party like this.....that I found from some random blog of someone....(yes...kind of pathetic of me I know:))

This was some fantastic (I am sure) persons wedding.  Doesn't it look dreamy.  The location was here on the East somewhere....and I love a bit of the eclectic feel.  I daydream of attendance and I envision myself wearing.... wear a belt again:)  This is a dress from a favorite store of mine on etsy sohomode.  I LOVE her dresses.  And the best even has a little bit of sleeve and ........ is long enough.  I think...I don't own one yet....but hope to soon.  It will be my motivation after the baby.

She uses tons of different vintage fabrics that she finds.....and does them for a lot of weddings.:) 

Anyway.....enough of daydreaming...I need to set my 2012 goals for the year. over.  Productive, productive......tomorrow:) for reals:)

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