Sunday, January 1, 2012

The weekly lesson. I have a million to learn:)

This last week I was having a conversation with my sister Rebec.  I honestly can't remember all of the conversation.....we talk quite a bit about a variety of things.  She said something however that really stuck with me the remainder of the week, and again I felt strongly today when teaching primary sharing time in church.  I think that is how the spirit of God works with me.  A seed is planted with a good thought that continues to grow, and then the same thought is planted again......and then it hits me FINALLY:)....the thought is something I need to learn.  So the thought this week.......was.......(drum roll please...) we often do things in life that are not always fun and quite frankly are hard.  But we know that good choices that are sometimes hard (and lets be honest many good choices are)....will definitely bring us the most happiness.  The sooner we learn to do hard things positively and with faith......the happier we will be.  Rebecca (my sis) was telling me this in context to what she is trying to teach her kids. profound...and what a good mother.

My lesson today for primary was agency.  The lesson outline focused on stories in the scriptures where prophets made good choices...that consequented in blessings.  One of the stories was about Abinadai and how he made a choice to not denounce God...and ended up being killed by fire.  This was not a happy ending.  The good choice didn't seem to end well.  In fact I was a little hesitant to share with young primary kids.  But then I realized the story ended the way it was suppose to.  Even though Abinadai died....he was an example and taught others.  Because of who he taught the gospel went forward.  Although his choice was hard and scary and ultimately he faced death because of it, it was the right thing to do. 

With the older primary kids.....I again felt so strongly that some of their choices they were going to have to make were not going to be easy.  I know in my own life good choices haven't necessarily been easy.  I just think I need to be reminded of that at this time  for some reason.  In fact I know I need to be reminded of this because the thought just keeps coming to my head and my heart. 

I love how people can say things ( sister), probably not even remember or realize that they say them....and it impacts peoples lives.   Thank goodness for good people in all of our lives who get it and share.  I am grateful for that. I know this is random....but it is midnight, I can't sleep, and it is on my walla:) you have it.  Words of wisdom at midnight from PA:)

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