Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just put a stamp on it!

A cute little Alyssa story.  I am going to have to say at this point of her life Alyssa's favorite thing to do is art.  All she wanted for Christmas was an art set.  It was the best present Santa could find.  At any given moment I can open up one of her drawers, or one of mine, and find about 20 pictures of random stick figure art.  She LOVES to make cards for other people.  She also loves to make charts for the refrigerator.  We have a chart for prayers, a chart for picking up, we have a potty chart for Catherine, a chart for Mikey to not throw tantrums.....the list goes on and on with the charts.  She is really trying to get me organized I think.  Usually it is the Mom making the charts.:) 

I have a confession....she has made about a hundred cards for different relatives and friends I am suppose to have put in an envelope and mailed to people (mainly family).  I mean truly......I have kept some, mailed maybe a couple but lets be honest......most have ended up in the trash while she is not looking.  There are just too many. 

The other day my lack of follow through was found out.  She was on the phone with Grandma Sumko.  One of her favorite people in all the world.   I let the two of them talk, and Grandma is so patient....she will hook the phone to her belt and while doing work around the house will just let Alyssa talk away.  After Alyssa got off the phone with her she came down to my room.  "Mom, Grandma says she hasn't been getting my cards."  "She says you must be forgetting to put a stamp on them."   Mike was in the kitchen over hearing this.  She then went to the envelope stash and had her Dad immediately put Grandma's address on it.  About 40 minutes later came down stairs with one of her "masterpiece" art works.  She put it in an envelope and sealed it.  The next morning early she came down woke me up, and said " Mom, this is for Grandma Sumko......all you have to do is put a stamp on it." 

Needles to say the stamp was put on and it was mailed.  What a cute little precocious character.

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Amber said...

That's such a cute story. :)