Friday, February 24, 2012

Sewing Craze!

So the sewing, creating craze has been full force this week.  I must be nesting....thirty weeks and counting.  I should be cleaning, but sewing just seems like so much more fun.:)  I have been loving lace as of late.  I happen to have the fabric outlet near with such affordable lace it is amazing. 

I must admit I ended up having a love hate relationship with these.  They ended up being more work than I had anticipated.  

My little model was not in the mood to cooperate....quite frankly I don't blame her.  I made a couple of headbands like the one above for the girls. I am excited with how they turned out.  The ultimate compliment from Alyssa "Mom, you made these.....(shocked)....they actually look like you bought them".  She is definitely used to "mom" made headbands and bows. 

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