Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My sink!

Coming home from a vacation is always a bit of a let down.  As we drove up to our little house, I was happy and relieved to be home sweet home, but a bit sad I was leaving the sunshine state behind.  I was relieved that we made it all in one piece, with no major disasters to speak of.  As we opened the door to our house, my first thought was......"oh this isn't so bad".  I had a St. Patrick's party the night before we left and hadn't gotten the house in tip top shape before departure........so I was expecting disappointment of a not perfectly clean house.  My second thought was "it smells and looks old in here."  Coming from a newly renovated time share with granite counter tops, and a jet tub the size of our bathroom this was again not a surprising reaction.

We started unloading our bags, turning on the heat and lights when suddenly Mike calls over to me.  "Jenn, I think you need to see something," he pointed to the sink.  I went over nonchalantly, not expecting really anything.  Calmly he then pointed to what appeared to be a dead animal of sorts in the drain.  I of course shrieked, thinking oh no.......a frog, a mouse....what!??  I knew if it was a mouse.....I would be more than upset.  For some reason rodents over any other animal.....I just can't handle.  I stepped closer to look at what appeared to be a dead frog....but then again it was black.

I asked Mike, "Is that a frog, but why is it black?"  His reply........"No Jenn, it is a dead bat!!!!"  "Are you kidding me?  You are kidding, right?"  "No Jenn, I am not kidding."  I had to immediately evacuate the premises with kids in tow.  I told him he had to get it out.....and let me know when he did.  Next thing I know we are outside and I hear a shriek from inside....."It's not dead, IT'S NOT DEAD!"  We are all in hysterics at this point.

Next thing I know Mike has captured the bat with my favorite pewter salad tongs I got from my wedding.  And with that......the bat is whirled across the front yard.....kids screaming in the background.  It was quite the homecoming event for the neighbors I am sure.

So yes......I was welcomed home to a not so clean, old little house, with a bat in my sink.  Life is humbling isn't it?  One day you are catching the waves in beautiful 80 degree weather, the next finding bats in your sink.  The worst part......we still can't figure out how in the world the bat got in.  I never in a million years thought I would have THIS problem.:)  Oh goodness......once again a life lesson.  You just never know....

Alyssa was quite shaken and probably traumatized from the whole event.  The entire rest of the day and night she kept reminding me that Grandpa Edwards, and Grandma and Grandpa Sumko have extra bedrooms in their house.  She kept telling me we could go live with them.   The thought was actually quite tempting.!!  Still is actually:)   

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