Monday, April 23, 2012

Mikey Story

It seems like the last few weeks of pregnancy a million emotions hit the surface.  Some of which but not limited to include: excitement, anticipation, nervousness.  I have been reminded that part of nesting for me just prior to having a baby includes a little bit of peace and quiet.  Peace and quiet with my three loving, but full of energy kiddies just hasn't been happening as of late.  So unfortunately I have been probably a bit more on edge as a Mom the last couple of weeks.  Ok...lets be honest I have been impatient, emotional, and a bit volatile with my mothering.  More so than usual.

I have many faults as a mother, and they seem to become more and more clear every time I approach bringing another child into this life.  I do a lot of things wrong as a mother, but the one thing I know I do that I always feel right about is telling my kids on more than one occasion each day how much I love them.

I have phrases I use with each of them, and today I was reminded of one I use a lot with Mikey.  I often tell Mikey while squeezing his cute chubby cheeks, or while wanting to partly ring his neck " are just the cutest boy in all the you know that Mikey?"  I tell him that often, partly now just out of habit.  

Tonight was one of those nights.  I had tried to be calm and loving, knowing I was on the edge of a breakdown.  I fed them a healthy dinner, and trying to be a nice Mom let them help me make and decorate a cake that they had wanted to do for DAYS!  Well the cake, frosting, and the sugar combined resulted with messes and hyperactivity....that quite frankly I wasn't in the mood for.    

In desperation I thought once we get pj's on, teeth brushed, and kids sent to life problems will be solved.  So I started the process out calmly "Mikey, Lyssa, Catherine go get jammies and tooth brushes, and I will read you a book".  Well, that surely wasn't again a little less calmly....."Mikey, Lyssa, Catherine go get your jammies I will help you put them on." :)  Again, no response.  Finally Alyssa and Catherine were cooperating.  But Mikey was just too busy tackling Catherine and jumping off the couch.

Next thing I know without notice nice mom turned to mean mom and I yelled in total desperation which I am sure all my neighbors heard "Mikey, if you don't go get your jammies on right now you are just going to have to sleep outside on the street".  Classic threat.....I know......:)  I think I heard that one myself growing up a few times.

Mikey's response was one I wasn't expecting.   He looked at me with his most stern burrowed eyebrow face like the one above, just a more grown up version.  "Mom, if I go sleep outside then you won't have the cutest boy in all the world."  I stopped, startled at first that he was talking back to me in my fit of rage, and then just couldn't help but laugh after I realized the exact phrase he repeated back to me.  He was right after all, he is the cutest boy in all the world....and I probably would miss him a bit:)  



Bill said...

Hilarious...your threat sounds just like one of Mom's old empty threats, haha. That little Mikey's got us all in the palm of his hand and he knows it!


DeAnn McWhorter said...

We all have those nights! You are a wonderful mother and the great thing is kids are resilient. SEE..he remembered the cutest boy in the world thing even while you were screaming at him!

GeNee said...

You are a great Mom. And I love that you pinch Mickey's cheek, because when your Mom was a little girl she would always pinch the babies cheeks. She loved little babies even as a teenager. I am so excited about your new little baby boy. I can't wait to see pictures of him.