Friday, May 4, 2012

Samuel's Story:)

Every baby seems to have a story in getting here.  With each child there it is a journey, process, and it is always a complete miracle.  I have appreciated more and more with each child the miracle of a healthy baby finally arriving.  The arrival of baby Samuel came with much anticipation, many prayers, and a bit of anxiety all along the way.  I am so grateful for my beautiful, healthy baby boy, who I quite frankly fell in love with months ago.

He came a week early on his own which sounds dreamy.  But quite frankly this little beautiful boy gave us quite concerns throughout the pregnancy.  The pregnancy started off with the a big scare of miscarriage.  After arriving at the Dr. office within 24 hours of thinking I was miscarrying I was ecstatic to find out I was not.  I just had a subchorionic hematoma......(a fancy word for big big scare). 

So we were good everything great.  The next month I had my first ultra-sound and the result showed some "markers" (signs) that the baby may have a chromosomal disorder, downs syndrome.  We were not prepared to hear that at my first ultra sound.  We were concerned.  We were concerned for many reasons, none of which included a fierce love of this little boy not matter what. 

At our next ultra-sound just days before Christmas the measurement's were more in the "normal" range.  They then went on to say that the placenta might be incompetent.  Another item to add to our list of concerns.  From 20 weeks on, I had an ultra sound every month to monitor the babies growth etc.  So the back story to baby there were many many prayers and few sleepless nights with insecurities for the future. 

Towards the end of the pregnancy measurements continued to look good, and we were really optimistic and hopeful about his arrival. It was hard to picture when and how this baby would come, but I could tell it was getting close with my stronger than usual braxton hicks.  Those braxton hicks can surely fool you.

I promised myself I would NEVER be one of those woman who went into the hospital to be sent home.  Very prideful looking back.  Definetely FAMOUS last words.  The night before his arrival I started having regular contractions lasting for over an hour five minutes a part.  I thought.....this is it......this has to be it.  I had ever other sign possible that the baby was ready and I was convinced this was it.  I had some anxiety because with Mikey labor came on so quickly.....they didn't have time to give me and epidural.  I REALLY wanted an we loaded up and headed to the hospital.

We headed to the hospital, and within an hour  headed out of the hospital home.  False labor apparently. I was embarrassed, a little confused, uncomfortable, and emotional.  Poor Mike!  Poor Mike, and poor me, and poor Lynn watching our kids.! 

So despite waking up at 3:00 am that morning with a lot of painful contractions....I was in no way going back into that hospital to not have a baby.  I "googled" and learned many woman feel that awful for days before actually giving birth.  I was in it for the long haul I was afraid.  I spent the afternoon trying to forget about how uncomfortable I was, and distract myself.  It wasn't working very well. 

At 5:00 pm with irregular contractions I sent Mike back to work for his evening journal club.  I told him keep your phone close...but don't expect anything, and unfortunately expect to be going to work tomorrow.  "It is just not going to happen".  Famous last words again.  About 10 minutes after he left,  the pain became more uncomfortable, and more regular.  Within an hour....I KNEW this was it.  I was having this baby.  I tried to stay calm but sent a text to Mike asking him to hurry as quickly as possible home. 

He got home and we waited about 10 minutes, until I was SURE there was no way I was going to be sent home.  We got the kids squared away with our neighbor and off we went to the hospital.  We arrived and again without a doubt I knew this was it. 

The labor and delivery unit was PACKED.  Not an empty room in sight.  They recognized me from the night before and kind of smirked.  "Really, this time I am sure."  I told the nurses. 

They put my in a cubicle and 10 seconds after inspecting told me it was  AGAIN false labor.  I was shocked and horrified.  I broke down completely.  I replied that there was just no way it was false this time.  They offered me some Ambien and told me I would "really know when I was in labor".  I begged them to just keep me for 20 minutes and monitor contractions.  They were really busy and did not want to keep me.....but they did. The contractions continued to become stronger and as I sat crying, the nurse continued to reassure me that I would KNOW when I was in labor.  I then replied..."this is my fourth child, and I know what labor feels like."  "I am telling you, I am in labor." 

Mike, being in the medical profession deals with a lot of crazy  people.  When the nurse left he reminded me I could be a bit more pleasant to the staff.  Well......needless to say that didn't go over well:)  The nurse came back ready to unhook me and send me home.  I asked her to once again to please make sure. 

Ten seconds later, the look on her face was classic.  One I will never forget...." really are in labor."!!!!!  All I could do was look at her with hands in the air and say in the nicest possible tone I could muster (which wasn't much of one) "I TOLD YOU...... I KNOW.....I AM IN LABOR!" 

I learned that day there is NOTHING worse than a nurse or Dr. telling a woman in labor that she is not in labor.  Wow......

Within a few hours of arrival at the hospital baby Samuel arrived.  It felt like a miracle. Once I was admitted I assumed everything was going to be smooth sailing.  After all I had made it in time for the epidural.

After a pretty short time in the delivery room, about five nurses came running into the room with the midwife following.  Suddenly I started feeling like I was losing consciousness.  An oxygen mask was put on me.  Really worried looks appeared from everyone in the room.  This had never happened to me with previous deliveries.  I was quite panicked.  I was told the babies heart rate was going down quickly.  They had called the Dr. in and were prepping me for the OR before I knew it. 

There are different types of prayers.  The prayers in that delivery room were some of the most earnest prayers I have ever quickly said in my my life.  It is amazing how quickly your entire perspective in life can completely change in an instant.  Nothing else in the entire world mattered to me except this baby born safe and sound.  As many people have experience with life and loss, nothing else matters but trying to fight for someones survival.  No amount of money, fame, or status can compensate for loss of someone you love. 

Within a short amount of time the Dr. was in the room, and quickly felt that he could get the baby here safely after loosening a cord around the babies neck.  Within what seemed like just a few minutes baby Samuel was miraculously in my arms.  There were gasps in the delivery room, with a staff of nurses as he unwound the cord FOUR times around baby Samuel's neck.  

I truly can not express the gratitude and peace in my heart of having this special little boy here safe and sound.  Good things are always hard to come by.  I learn this lesson over and over.  I was reminded of how the best things are things that can not be bought with money, fame, fortune and status.  Life is such a gift.  I am so so lucky to be a Mom.  I am so lucky to have this sweet boy.  The truth is I know it isn't luck. It is meant to be.  He is meant to be my boy and I am one lucky Mom.



Amber said...

Beautiful story. Congratulations on your little miracle. :)

GeNee said...

I am so glad he is here. I am sorry you had to go through so much. But I think he is very cute. Now you have four. I am so proud of you! And I am glad you and the baby are doing well.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

I love this post. You so have a way with words (and nurses...haha). I can't wait to meet him! One of our children have to marry each other. Maybe it will be Baby Samuel and this little one growing inside me!