Sunday, June 10, 2012

One month.

Wow.  Where has the time gone.....and where do I start?:)  It has been 6 weeks since the birth of baby Samuel.  What a joy....what a journey.  Going from a family of five to a family of six is quite the adjustment.  Hence....the lack of blogging.  There have been many sleepless nights, and quite a bit of action.  Keep calm carry on has been taken to a new level in this household. 

Some of the months events have included:  a visit from Mike's Mom (which was wonderful), Samuel's baby blessing, Alyssa and Mikey finishing up the school year,  lots of changing diapers (can't quite get Catherine on board with potty training), lots of feeding four hungry little mouths, carpooling to various lessons and school, countless laundry loads, and did I mention....sleepless nights:) 

Our normal has changed its definition a bit as of late.  Microwaveable meals have become delicacies, bows and shoes have become less than necessities, normal standard time has changed to twenty minutes late, and I am grateful to show up anywhere in public without spit up covering me.:) 

Mom has been tired but in love..........

Toothless grinned Mikey is quite the big brother.  I am pretty sure he can't wait till Samuel gets a bit bigger so he can wrestle.  From the look of this picture I think baby Samuel is already a bit scared.......:)

Alyssa has been playing mommy......big time.......


and well Catherine........see for yourself:)
  It is always a let down going from being the baby to the big sissy:)  Lets just pray she comes out less scathed than she appears in this picture.!  What a funny, funny girl.

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